PTIG We have a R&D team specializing in developing compound rubber formulas that meet the needs of each type of industry. From the selection of raw materials, rubber quality, chemicals and modern production technology, developing the potential to increase the value of rubber, rubber products that are suitable for use and meet the standards can be exported abroad. Testing standards, certificates that meet international standards FDA REACH RoHS / RoHS2 UL94 IP65 ASTM JIS ISO and control the cost of production that meets the needs and deliver customer satisfaction.
PTIG We are committed to continuously developing the potential of rubber products. Focus on customer response And elevation Create value for rubber parts products.


  • FDA food grade rubber products
  • Flame retardant rubber products UL94
  • Oil resistant rubber products ASTM # 1. OIL
  • High temperature resistant rubber products +315 C
  • Cold resistant rubber products
  • Chemical resistant rubber products
  • Electrical rubber insulation products
  • Conductive rubber products
  • Semi-conductive rubber products
  • Rubber products to eliminate static electricity.
  • Silicone Free Rubber Products
  • Wear resistant rubber products
  • Rubber products passed RoHS2 standards.
  • Water-resistant rubber products
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