PTIG We select raw materials used in production from leading raw material sources. Imported from many countries There are both Rubber and Plastic Control Spec. Raw Material Standard Cer. Certified MSDS / COA. / REACH / RoHS / RoHS2 to be suitable for the production of rubber and plastic parts in each industry such as Food and beverage industry Electronic industry Appliance industry Automotive industry Or even the medical industry The raw materials chosen must meet the highest quality standards. The raw materials we have services such as Silicone, EPDM, NBR, CR (Neoprene), NR, FKM (VITON), PVC, PP, PE, TPV, ABS, TPE etc.

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Rubber Materials



Silicone Rubber with outstanding properties, wide operating temperature range Can be used at low temperatures, negative Can also be used at temperatures up to + 315C We have silicone rubber raw materials for service as follows: 220C silicone rubber, 270C silicone rubber Silicone rubber 315C Medical grade silicone rubber and oil resistant silicone rubber


NBR rubber or nitrile rubber, oil resistant rubber due to NBR rubber There is a function-CN group in the structure, which makes the rubber have high polarity properties. Making it resistant to petroleum oil Fuel Machinery oil, vegetable oil, animal oil as well It is also resistant to wear and tear. Operating temperature -35 to + 120 C


Viton Rubber or FKM Or fluorocarbon  Is a polar rubber and very stable Making this type of rubber resistant to moderate chemicals, therefore reaching a high concentration But should not be used with alkali chemicals, oil resistant, flame resistant, excellent environment Operating temperature -30 to +260 C


EPDM rubber EPDM rubber Or ethylene, propylene diene rubber, rubber that has outstanding properties, resistant to chemicals at diluent to moderate concentrations Highly flexible Excellent environmental resistance Whether ozone, sunlight, UV, heat, steam, heat resistance up to 160 C, operating temperature -40 to +160 C

CR (Neoprene)

CR Rubber  are called "Neoprene rubber" or "Chloroprene rubber" is a rubber with outstanding fire resistance. Because the structure contains chlorine atoms as a component, it can self-extinguish when ignited, providing good mechanical properties. Resistant to oil and chemicals at a medium temperature of -40 to 140 C

NR (Natural Rubber)

NR or Natural Rubber is a rubber that has high flexibility, high tensile strength, wear resistance. Excellent abrasion resistance Good tear resistance, oil resistance, suitable for use in applications requiring wear resistance or strong resistance. Operating temperature -50 to +100 C

Plastic Materials



TPV or Thermoplastic Valcanizate is classified as Thermoplastic Obtained from blend between vulcanized plastics and rubber Can be recycled, recycle, re-use, light weight, chemical resistant, excellent environment Operating temperature -35 to +135 C


Virgin PTFE or Teflon is a plastic raw material with outstanding heat resistance properties. Excellent chemical resistance Resistant to corrosive chemicals or solvents. Food grade, smooth surface. Resistant to use at low temperatures. Operating temperature -200 to +260 ° C


ABS or Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Is a group of thermoplastic that is flexible, tough and has strong impact strength, durable, cold resistance, good environment resistance

PVC or Polyvinychloride Is a flexible plastic Environment resistant Resistant to water and chemicals Good electrical insulation Operating temperature -15 to +65 C

TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer is a plastic in the thermoplastic group. It has elastic properties similar to rubber. Can be bent Excellent chemical resistance and environmental resistance Operating temperature -30 to +140 C


PE or Polyethylene is a plastic that is flexible, chemical resistant, resistant to the environment well. With electrical insulation With 3 levels of density LDPE, MDPE and HDPE, operating temperature -10 to +65 C

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