ETFE Tubing

ETFE tubing is Fluoropolymer. Its properties and structure are similar to Polyethylene, Giving it some properties that are better than PTFE, FEP and PFA

   More scratch resistant
   More resistant to impact and breakage
   More tensile and pressure resistant
   More rigid makes the pipe retain its shape better


Other features such as

   Stable and resistant to many chemicals such as acids, alkalis and hydrocarbons
   Solvent resistant
   Low gas permeability
   Non-conductive, good insulator
   Resistant to radiation, enabling sterilization with gamma rays
   Smooth surface, low friction
   Working temperature: -190 to 150 degrees celsius

  Due to its wide range of properties and durability, ETFE tubing is used in many industries such as
Insulated wire
As a medical device
Chemical transfer hose
Fiber optic casing
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