At present, the food manufacturing industry Producing beverages, water production, pharmaceuticals, and even packaging that must be used in the production line. Assemble parts Or even touch food Safety must be emphasized in selecting the rubber seal product to be used It must be ensured that those rubber seal products are of high purity, odorless, free of contaminants. There are no additives to the production process. Or even contaminated with products that are sent directly to consumers. PTIG We recognize and value the production of clean food grade rubber seals. Safe to use, meets the standards and retains the functionality of that rubber seal product.
PTIG has a team of experts in the care and selection of food grade raw materials to use in the production, whether it is rubber raw materials, fillers and other chemicals. That are used in the right amount. Specialized production machines100% quality inspection with Cer. Certification, FDA Reg. 21 CRF 1777.2600, REACH, RoHS, you can be assured that the food grade rubber seal product you choose to use is absolutely safe



FOOD GRADE (FDA  Reg. 21 CRF 1777.2600)

·      Process : Extrusion Process
·      Material Properties : Food Grade
·      Material Served : Silicone , EPDM , CR , NBR , NR , TPV etc.
·      Cross Section  Size : 5-50 mm
·      Hardness : 40-80 Shore A
·      Cross Section Type : U-Channels , Tube , S , H , P , D , D-Hollow , e , Omega , Mushroom or as per Spec.
·      Color : White , Cream , Blue , Friebrick , Redbrick , Gray , Green , Black etc.
·      Material Certification : FDA , REACH , RoHS


Our Service
·      Consulting
·      Processing : Single-Extrusion/Co-Extrusion , Multi-Extrusion Process
·      Materials ( Rubber & Plastic)
·      Cut-To-Length
·      Jointing/ Splicing
·      Self-Adhesive Tape
·      Printing
·      Testing





Rubber TubeO-Ring CordGasket
Oven Door SealsRubber StripInflatable Seals
Vacume SealsRubber Edge Trimetc.

PTIG we provide food grade rubber seals (FDA) according to the Spec. ·

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