How to measure rubber Tube size

Wall Thickness or thickness of rubber Tube Affect the stability of the rubber tube. The thicker the rubber Tube, the stronger the rubber Tube.

O.D is Outside Diameter or Outer Diameter is the outer diameter of the rubber pipe. Which is a measure of the outer size of the rubber tube It is measured in millimeters (mm) or in inches (Inch).

I.D or Inside Diameter is the size of the inner hole of the rubber tube.It is a measure of the size of the inner tube.It is measured in millimeters (mm) or in inches (Inch). Put on the fish tail To cover the iron core Wear machinery Other equipment or materials

What is a rubber Tube, has a round shape, flexible, can be bent and bent. It is used for liquid transmission and there are many materials to choose from. Silicone rubber hose, EPDM rubber hose, NBR rubber hose, CR rubber hose or neoprene rubber hose, NR rubber hose, Viton rubber hose (VITON / FKM Tube), TPVs.

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