Fuel dispenser pump hose

General information

Fuel dispenser pump hose consists of 3 parts, including the inner tube, reinforced and cover layer. The inner tube is made of smooth nitrile rubber that is resistant to oil and other hydrocarbons with aromatic content up to 50%. Next layer is made of steel wire braid offering better working pressure resistance.  The cover layer is made of nitrile rubber which can withstand weather and ozone. There are various colors, which are black, green, red, blue and yellow. Moreover, the hose comes with SHF coupling making it ready to be connected and used. This product is mostly used with refueling equipment for conveying kerosene, gasoline, diesel oil and other mineral oil.

Main Features

  • Working temperature : -40°C to +121°C
  • Material : tube (smooth nitrile rubber)
  • Material : cover (nitrile rubber, resistant to weather and ozone)
  • Reinforcement : steel wire braid
  • Color : black, green, red, blue, and yellow
  • Weather resistance
  • Ozone resistance
  • Hydrocarbon resistance, both aromatic (up to 50%) and non-aromatic types
  • Working pressure up to 258 psi
Conveying hose connected to refueling equipment
Petroleum industry
Automotive industry
Aviation industry
Chemical industry


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