Textile reinforced air hose

General information

Air hose made of high grade black smooth synthetic rubber composes of 3 parts, including tube, reinforced and cover layers. The tube layer is mainly made of NR&SBR material which offers good resistance to abrasion, corrosion and oil mist. The tube is reinforced with 1-2 ply of polyester thread braiding or multi ply high tensile fabric resulting in solid structure and high-pressure resistance properties of the tube. The last part is the cover layer. A high-grade smooth NR&SBR rubber or wrapped surface used for the cover gives abrasion-, oil mist-, weather- and aging resistances to the product. All these properties provide a long service life to the product, and hence, it is used in many applications, such as connector between air compressor and other device, and diving equipment.

Main Features

  • Working temperature : -40 to 70°C
  • Materials : Tube (NR&SBR rubber), cover (NR&SBR rubber, wrapped surface)
  • Reinforcement : 1ply or 2ply of polyester thread braiding, multi ply high tensile fabric
  • Color (cover) : black, yellow, red
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Ozone and weather resistance
  • Oil resistance
  • Aging resistance
Conveying of air
Conveying of inert gas
Water transferring tube
Mining industry
Construction industry
Shipbuilding industry
Steel industry

STANDARD SIZE - Air hose wrapped surface 300PSI

STANDARD SIZE - Air hose smooth surface 300PSI

STANDARD SIZE - Air hose wrapped surface 400PSI

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