Washdown hose

General information

Washdown hose consists of 3 main parts, including inner, reinforced and cover layers. The inner part is made of white, heat resistant EPDM rubber compound. As well as the inner layer, the cover part can be made of EPDM rubber compound or with cloth impression, helping the product to have abrasion, ozone, and chemical resistance. Both layers are separated by the reinforcement that is made of 2 plies of synthetic yarns. The reinforcement offers solid structure and pressure resistance to the hose. Moreover, this product also resists to mold, fungi and bacterial growth. Thus, it is often used to convey hot water for cleanup and washdown application, mainly in food and beverage industries.

Main Features

  • Working temperature : -32°C ถึง +82°C
  • Material : tube (white, heat resistant EPDM rubber compound)
  • Material : cover (EPDM rubber compound or cloth impression)
  • Reinforcement : 2 plies of synthetic yarns
  • Color : white
  • Heat resistance (hot water)
  • Weather resistance
  • Ozone resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to mold, fungi and bacterial growth
Conveying hot water for cleanup or washdown machines or surfaces
Dairy industry
Food processing industry


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