Rubber Extrusion Keyhole-Section
Rubber Extrusion "Keyhole-Section" is a rubber seal that has been manufactured for Keyhole-Section cross section. Made for special seal applications. Whether the door seal, oven door seal, waterproof rubber seal, air proof seal Dustproof rubber seal, door edge seal, glass edge seal etc. With special design and production techniques, the Keyhole-Section rubber seal has good flexibility and good recovery, maintain its shape and have unique characteristics according to each raw material or compound rubber formula. Used in production such as food grade rubber seal, oil resistant seal, high heat resistant seal, cold resistant seal, Silicone Free rubber seal, etc. along with the raw materials brought to you The use of Silicone, EPDM, CR, NBR, NR, FKM, TPV and so on.
Custom Ruber Extrusion Keyhole-Section
  Cross Section : Keyhole-Section
  Cross Section Size : 5-50 mm
  Hardness : 40-80 Shore A
  Material Served : Silicone , EPDM, CR , NBR , NR , FKM, TPV.
  Material Cer  : FDA / REACH / RoHS / UL
  Our Service : Jointing / Splicing
Material Properties 
  Food Grade (FDA)
  Medical Grade
  Heat Resistant up to +220 °C
  Heat Resistant up to +270 °C
  Heat Resistant up to +315 °C
  Oil Resistant (Special Grade)
  Extreme Low Temp. -100 °C
  Flame Retardant (UL)
Most Popular Keyhole-Section Rubber Extrusion
We provide production services according to your Spec.
Use. Minimum order quantity is 100 meters or as per agreement.
Free!! Tooling Service. Sample approved. 
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