Waterblast hose

General information

Waterblast hose consists of 3 main structures, including the inner hose, reinforced and cover layers. The inner hose is made of oil resistant synthetic rubber, while the cover layer is made of oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber. These layers are separated by the reinforcement prepared from the multiple high strength steel wire spiral special process. There are 3 grades available for this product grouped by different working pressures. However, all of them have the same safety factor of 2.5:1 which is the ratio between bursting pressure and working pressure. This value is also in line with the RMA standard. Hence, this product is safe to be used with high pressure water for water blasting applications like surface preparation, surface deep cleaning and water jet cutting of food and soft materials.

Main Features

  • Working temperature : -40°C to 100°C (up to 121°C for intermittent usage)
  • Material : tube (oil resistant synthetic rubber), cover (oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber)
  • Reinforcement : high strength steel wire with multiple spiral technology
  • Weather resistance
  • High pressure resistance : 74, 84, 88 MPa
  • Safety factor of 2.5:1 inn line with RMA standard
Water blasting applications
Surface preparation
Pavement maintenance
Corrosion and dust removal
Welding residue removal
Hydro demolition of concrete
Water jet cutting of food and soft materials


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