Rubber Seals

Did you know? Not all rubber seals are capable of withstanding both steam and hot water, especially at operating temperatures exceeding 100°C

Joint/Splicing Silicone Rubber Seals, produced through an extrusion process, come in various cross-sectional designs tailored to specific requirements and are assembled at the corners to be used as gaskets.

Brake fluid, a type of hydraulic oil, is a non-oil liquid mainly composed of glycol (Glycol-based) or silicone (Silicone-based). It lubricates similarly to oil, protecting the brake system from wear and tear. A common question arises about the most suitable type of rubber seal for use with brake fluid, and which type is the most popular. The ideal seal does not swell or degrade upon contact with brake fluid.

The hardness of rubber seals is crucial because it relates to the amount of crosslinking in the rubber, a key property in engineering rubber seal design. This hardness determines the quality and standards of rubber seal products. The hardness of rubber seals primarily depends on the production formula.

Many people want to ask for prices - order the production of rubber seals. But I don't know how to start. Incomplete information prepared This causes the price to be delayed, the work does not match the specs, or you have to waste time bringing samples to the company to look at in person.

NR rubber seals are seals produced from natural NR rubber raw materials. It has outstanding features in terms of flexibility, shock resistance, wear resistance, waterproof as well. and has a more economical price

Silicone rubber door seal It is a rubber seal that has been produced by the Extrusion Process. There are a variety of cross-sectional shapes and sizes according to the specification for installation with each model of door edge.

All 3 ways of joining corners of rubber profile seals have different advantages and limitations. It depends on the nature of your needs.

Because different machines or equipment have rubber seal designs for different applications. To act as a seal to support pressure, waterproof, dustproof, moisture or even heat. Ask for more details LINE OA : @PTIGLOBAL | Tel : 022577145 | MB : 0982539956

If you are looking for rubber seals for high temperature applications. You can ask for more information at AlphaSeals brand via LINE OA : @PTIGLOBAL | Tel : 022577145 | MB : 0982539956 | Email:

Both the rubber seal GR-S-001 and the rubber seal GR-S-001CR are rubber seals with an S-profile cross-section manufactured by an extrusion process. Suitable for installation with a 5 mm glass edge, but in the same way there are hidden differences as follows Ask for more information LINE ID : @PTIGLOBAL | Tel : 022577145 | MB : 0982539956

Both round rubber seals and sponge rubber seal, round ton They are all rubber seals with a solid round cross-section. that are produced by the extrusion process Able to produce a variety of raw materials such as Silicone, EPDM, CR, NBR, NR, etc., but in the same way there will be differences between the two rubber seals as follows: Ask for more information LINE ID : @PTIGLOBAL | Tel : 022577145 | MB : 0982539956

At the AlphaSeals brand, we have a service to produce EPDM rubber seals and CR rubber seals or neoprene rubber seals according to your specification. Accepting production at a minimum of 100 meters or more. Ask for more information LINE ID : @PTIGLOBAL | Tel : 022577145 | MB : 0982539956

At AlphaSeals, we have many models of U-channel rubber seal ready to ship. Whether it is a model made from EPDM, CR and Silicone rubber, grooves are available in both 1 mm, 2 mm, 5 mm. There is also a service to produce according to your Spec. usage. If interested, ask for more details via the channel LINE ID : @PTIGLOBAL | Tel : 022577145 | MB : 0982539956 | Email:

There are many models of rubber seals ready to be delivered and manufactured according to your specification. Selling / manufacturing, starting at 100 meters or more, interested can inquire via LINE: @PTIGLOBAL | Tel : 022577145 | MB : 0982539956 | Email:

Many times, you often encounter problems when using the rubber seal for a while and find that the rubber seal is deformed, the rubber seal does not return. affect production The main problem is from the poor compression set of rubber seals.

Simple rubber material that many people tend to overlook Because I think that they are the same, can be used interchangeably, affecting the usage. Rubber seals come with a shorter service life. But in fact, each type of rubber raw material There are different features and limitations of use.

Can be extruded into various shapes by screw to help move the softened rubber and extruded through the die. After that, the extruded product is vulcanized to maintain its shape. and can continue to use

amphibious vehicle that requires heavy use Travel anywhere, both in water and on land. Use in all environments Therefore, the seal used in the installation must be a seal with a specially designed cross-sectional pattern.

Rubber Glazing Seals GR-NB-001 and GR-EP-001 Used for mounting to the edge of the glass. Window sills of boats, trains, cars, etc.

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