Hot water suction rubber hose It is a rubber hose designed for hot water suction applications. or even cold water can be used. With EPDM rubber raw materials and our specially selected formulations for specific applications. Resulting in a rubber suction hose for hot water that is resistant to use at high temperatures (Working Temp. -40 to +120°C), resistant to hot water, steam, water, and the environment. Whether it's sunlight, Ozone UV is excellent. Comes with high-strength canvas reinforcement. Makes it possible to use in withstanding pressure. and help maintain the shape of the pipe as well The exterior surface is both smooth. and patterned surface
• High temperature resistant rubber hose.
• Excellent resistance to Ozone UV environments.
• Strong and resistant to high pressure Safety Factor : 3:1
• Wide operating temperature range -40 to +120°C

• Material : Reinforced EPDM
• Cover Surface : Smooth Surface / Fabric Surface
• Diameter : up to 28”
• Length : as per Spec.
• Safety Factor : 3:1
• Working Temp. : -40 to +120°C


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