TPV Rubber Tubing

TPV rubber tubing is Thermoplastic vulcanizated with a plastic-like manufacturing process. But there are properties of rubber in it. This type of rubber tubing therefore combines the advantages of both rubber and plastic together

   Excellent durability
   Flexible and resistant to pressure
   Resistant to sunlight, UV rays and weather conditions
   Resistant to many chemicals such as acids, solvents
   Resistant to oil and grease
   Light weight
   The mechanical properties are stable, stable.
   Resistant to abrasion and tear
   Working temperature : -50 to 135 degrees Celsius

  TPV Rubber Tubing are therefore used in many industries. Examples of use include
For use with peristaltic pumps
Tubing for sewage or gas
Tubing for food, condiment, powder or liquid
Used in HVAC system
Tubing in the automotive industry
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