Sewer flushing hose 250 bar

General information

Sewer flushing hos e250 bar consists of 3 parts, including the inner, reinforced and cover layers. The inner layer is made of black smooth SBR rubber, while the cover is made of black smooth NR/BR rubber. The cover layer offers abrasion resistance, weather resistance, easy cleaning, and low friction to the hose. Having low friction is very important, as it helps easing the hose to snake through pipelines and preventing hang ups. The reinforcement between the inner and cover layers is made of textile braided giving high working pressure resistance up to 250 bar. All these properties make the hose applicable in many industries, especially when high pressured water is needed, for example, to clean and unclog the sewer.

Main Features

  • Working temperature : -35°C to +80°C
  • Material : tube (black smooth SBR rubber)
  • Material : cover (black smooth NR/BR rubber)
  • Reinforcement : textile braided
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Smooth surface, low friction
  • Easy cleaning
  • High working pressure up to 250 bar
Sewer cleaning vehicles
Cleaning of sewer, pipelines and culverts
Unclogging the drains
Manufacturing industry
Food and beverage industry


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