Medical Grade Silicone Braided hoses

General information

Transparent silicone rubber tube allows us to see the movement of liquid inside the tube. The tube is reinforced with braised fiber to improve the resistance to pressure and increase durability. 100% premium grade of silicone material is used in this product, and it is platinum cured to produce a special grade tube with no taste and odorless properties. There is no contamination during the usage, and the product offers the utmost safety for the patients. Moreover, better physical properties than those of the non-reinforced tube is obtained from including the braided fiber along the length of the tube. It also allows the rube to be bent to various angles without kinks and disturbance on the flow of liquid or gas inside. Silicone rubber tube reinforced with braided polyester fiber can be sterilized and passes the tests to be safely used in food, beverage and medical industries.

Main Features

  • Working temperature : -70 to +220°C
  • Color : Transparent, other colors as customized
  • Odorless and no taste
  • Reinforced with braided polyester fiber
  • Resistance to compression and fracture
  • Can be bent to various angles without kinks
  • Resistance to tearing
  • Pass biocompatibility cell toxicity test, including cell toxicity test, sensitization test, intracutaneous reactivity test, hemolysis test and acute systemic toxicity test
Medical and pharmaceutical industries
Medical devices
Biofluid transferring hose
Pharmaceutical lab analysis
Clean room


Inner diameterOuter diameterWall thickness
6 mm13 mm
3.5 mm
8 mm15 mm3.5 mm
10 mm17 mm3.5 mm
13 mm21 mm4.0 mm
16 mm24 mm4.0 mm
19 mm27 mm4.0 mm
25 mm35 mm5.0 mm
32 mm42 mm5.0 mm

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