Medical Grade Silicone Wire Hoses

General information

Transparent silicone rubber tube is reinforced with medical grade steel wire. The rubber itself is made of 100% premium medical grade silicone material, and platinum cured. This product, hence, has no contamination or chemical residue, making it safe for using in a medical field. Moreover, the steel wire and sanitary coupling are certified as medical grade stainless steel. One of the highlight features of this type of reinforcement is high resistance to high pressure and vacuum. By having wire reinforcement along the tube, it also allows the tube to be bent to various radius without kinks or disturbance to the liquid/gas flow inside. Thus, this product can be used in various machines and fit in different sizes of space.

Main Features

  • Working temperature: -40 ถึง +220°C
  • Odorless, tasteless
  • Inert to chemical reactions
  • Color : transparent and other colors as customized
  • Passed tests for medical usage
  • Uses medical grade 304 stainless steel
  • Resistance to high pressure and vacuum
  • Can be used with Uperization and Autoclaving with CIP and SIP
  • Sanitary coupling is made from 316L stainless with standard SZR and one time press molding
  • Can be made with 4 plies of polyester fiber
Pharmaceutical usage
Cosmetic industry
Electronic industry


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