Aeration Hose

General information

Aeration hose consists of only 1 layer which is made of NR&PE compound. The hose has a special physical appearance with microporous structure. The working principle is: the hose is connected to the air compressor, and the air is pumped into the hose causing it to expand until a certain point. Then, air bubbles with diameter of 20-5- um are released from the wall in the smoke state. While the air bubbles are rising slowly to the surface, oxygen will dissolve into the water and increase oxygen content in the water. Moreover, it also helps improving water mobility and density of aquaculture.

Main Features

  • Working temperature: resistant to cold as low as -40 °C for 8 hours
  • Material : Rubber compound NR & PE
  • Color : black
  • Tensile strength >= 2.2 MPa
  • Can be stretched >= 130%
  • Air bubble size: 20-50 micron
  • Can be used at a depth of 0-6 meters
  • Air flow rate: 3-12 cubic meters/hour
Increase oxygen content in water
Agriculture industry
Sewage treatment
Garden irrigation


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