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Established on March 3, 2014. We are engaged in the business of providing rubber seal profiles. And plastic seal With the extrusion process, we provide single extrusion / co-extrusion and multi extrusion processes to meet the demand for rubber and plastic seal profiles in a variety of industries both at home and abroad, such as Automotive, Building & Construction, Electronics. , Food & Beverage Processing, Power Utility, Marine, Transportation, Marine etc.
  PTIG We provide a full range of manufacturing services, from design services to standard compound rubber formulas. Through export regulations to various countries Rubber and plastic raw materials that are available for various types to suit each type of product. 2D / 3D Drawing Design, 3D Printing Design, Extrusion Die Design, including Production Process. Standardized production techniques. Quality control Corner Tape Adhesive Printing Service, packing and ready for timely delivery.

  PTIG. We pride ourselves on providing services for the production and distribution of rubber and plastic seal products. Exploration For use in a variety of industries And we are committed to the development of product potential, innovation and service for value And the highest satisfaction for customers
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