Floating Marine oil hose

General information

Floating marine oil hose consists of 3 main parts, including the inner tube, reinforced and cover layers. The inner tube is made of NBR compound synthetic rubber that withstands oil and other hydrocarbons from petroleum industry. The next layer is for reinforcement which is constructed from high tensile strength fabric and helix wire. There is also an independent foam in this layer that offers floating feature. The cover layer is made of CR synthetic rubber. It is resistant to abrasion, ageing, UV and corrosive environment. This product is designed to be able to float and resistant to harsh environment. Hence, it is chosen for an important job, which is to transfer crude oil and other petroleum-based products between loading and unloading vessels at offshore mooring systems. Moreover, this product is made in full accordance with OCIMF standard, and subjected to manufacturing and testing requirements dictated by ISO9000 quality standards.

Main Features

  • Working temperature : -25°C to +82°C
  • Material : Tube (NBR compound synthetic rubber), cover (CR synthetic rubber)
  • Reinforcement : high tensile strength fabric with helix wire, independent foam
  • Independent foam floating casing to prevent water absorption
  • Abrasion resistance / Weather and UV resistance
  • Corrosive environment resistance / Easy installation and less maintenance
  • Customized steel flanges are available
  • Rated working pressure: 21 bar
  • Minimum reserve buoyance : 20% or according to customer requirements
  • Electrical continuity : electrical continuous or discontinuous
  • Leak detection system : after the failure of the primary carcass, the detector will react to the leakage to remind the operator to remove the damaged hose to avoid economic loss and environmental pollution
  • Standard : OCIMF and ISO9000
  • Certification : OCIMF
Offshore transferring hose for crude oil and liquid petroleum products
Hose for discharging floods
Hose for reloading of oil in ports
Dredging hose
Petroleum industry


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