What industries can PTFE Tube be used in?

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What industries can PTFE Tube be used in?

What industries can PTFE Tube be used in?

PTFE Tube (Polytetrafluoroethylene Tube) or Teflon tube is a tube that is classified in the group. Fluoropolymer Tubing is milky white, opaque and can be bent with heat. Has outstanding properties, resistant to highly concentrated chemicals. Corrosion resistant Has a wide operating temperature range (Working Temp: -200 to +260°C), high heat resistance and resistance to use at low temperatures, slippery surface (Non-Stick), low friction, UV resistant. Sunlight and the environment are good. High purity

Currently, PTFE tube or PTFE tube are commonly used in a variety of industries as follows:

  1. Chemical Processing PTFE tube is widely used to transfer and handle harsh chemicals, acids and solutions in the chemical industry.
  2. Pharmaceutical and Medical In the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, PTFE tube is used for applications such as transferring medical fluids and various medical devices.
  3. Electrical and Electronic Industry PTFE tube has very high electrical insulation properties. Therefore, it is commonly used to act as an insulator for wires and cables, connectors, and various electrical components.
  4. Laboratory and Analytical Instruments PTFE tube is important in laboratories and analytical instruments for conveying fluids and handling samples because of its inertia to chemical reactions and low friction.
  5. Automotive PTFE tube which is durable They are used in critical applications such as fuel lines and brake lines in the automotive industry.
  6. Food and Beverage PTFE tube is a very high purity tube. Safe to use, smooth surface and chemically inert. This  makes it ideal for transporting liquids and gases in the food and beverage industry.


And this is just a few examples of how PTFE tube or Teflon pipes can be used. And if you would like more information about PTFE tube or would like to place an order,


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