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Firebrick Silicone Rubber Lip Seals W.18.5 X H.15.5 mm


Firebrick Silicone Rubber Lip Seals Size Width 18.5 x Height 15.5 mm. Operating temperature -70 to +270ºC, highly flexible, good recovery. Food grade (FDA) rubber seal, no additives Safe for food and beverage industry Material Certification : FDA , REACH , RoHS Tel : 0621515494 Line OA : @PTIGLOBAL

Brand : AlphaSeals


Firebrick Silicone Rubber Lip Seals

Size Width 18.5 x Height 15.5 mm

  • Firebrick Silicone Rubber Lip Seals model ASLPQMF6018.5x15.5
  • Brand : AlphaSeals
  • Special formula, Silicone QM, high heat resistance +270ºC
  • Safe to use with food grade features FDA/REACH/RoHS/RoHS-2
  • Cross Section : Lip Seals SIZE: W.18.5 X H.15.5 mm
  • Flexible Lip Seals cross-section makes assembly work Closely attached to the edge of the oven
  • Hardness : 60+/-5 Shore A
  • Working Temp. : -70 to +270ºC
  • Formulation designed specifically for mounting on the edge of the incubator door. does not streak during use
  • Create your own custom incubator seals at the AlphaSeals brand.
  • Accepting production starting from 100 meters or more


           Properties             Spec.
           Code             ASLPQMF6018.5x15.5
           Brand             AlphaSeals
           Product Name             Silicone Rubber Lip Seals
           Material             Silicone Rubber
           Cross Section             Lip Seals
           Color             Firebrick
           Size             W.18.5 X H.15.5 mm
           Hardness             60+/-5 Shore A
           Working Temp.            -70 to +270ºC
           Delivery              Free Delivery


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  • Production service according to the format according to use.
  • Cut to length service.
  • Adhesive tape installation service.
  • Custom cut service.
  • Letter printing service on the work piece.
  • Free Delivery.


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