Rubber Cable Protector 22x77 mm


Rubber Cable Protector Size Width 22 mm x Height 77 mm supports weight, strong, durable, flexible, protects wires/cables, resistant to UV and the environment. Easy to use and install Can be placed flat on any surface Prevent tripping. If interested, contact Tel: 022577145 MB: 0982539956 / E-mail: / Line OA: @PTIGLOBAL

Brand : AlphaSeals


Rubber Cable Protector

Feature Rubber Cable Protector

  • Bears weight, strong and durable
  • Flexible, protects wires/cables
  • Resistant to UV and the environment
  • Easy to use and install
  • Can be placed flat on any surface Prevent tripping


Product details

PTI Global Products We provide services for producing Rubber Cable Protector according to  Drawing / Spec. usage under the brand “AlphaSeals”  which Rubber Cable Protector is a rubber seal designed for use in protecting wires/cables  preventing damage. Or the disconnection of wires / cables helps prevent danger that may occur to users from wires and electric currents. It also helps keep wires/cables organized. Popularly used for on the floor, wall, edge to connect electronic devices in different areas together. Available in both normal and Heavy Duty or Industrial cable protector.


  • Interior and exterior walkways
  • Production Line
  • Commercial Properties
  • Cafy, Bars and Restaurants
  • Server Rooms
  • Office Building
  • Warehouse
  • Construction Sites
  • Etc.



           Properties             Spec.
           Product Name             Rubber Cable Protector
           Brand             AlphaSeals
           Product Type             Multi Fit Cable Protector , Heavy Duty Cable Protector
           Material             NR Rubber
           Cross Section Size             Width 22 mm x Height 77 mm
           Hardness             75 +/-5 Shore A
           Color             Black
           Working Temp.             -40 to +100ºC


Our services

  • Production service according to Drawing / Spec.
  • Minimum production 500 meters (N/A)
  • Free Tooling
  • Approved sample production service
  • Cut to length
  • Product guarantee
  • Free shipping nationwide


If you would like to order Rubber Cable Protector production, please inquire for more information. and order product production through channels


Email :  |  Tel : 022577145 MB : 0982539956 / 0863077319

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